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At an ice cream parlor, ice cream cones cost $1.10 and sundaes cost $2.35. One day, the receipts for a total of 172 cones and sundaes were $294.20. How many cones were sold? You purchase 8 gal of paint and 3 brushes for $152.50.The next day, you purchase 6 gal of paint and 2 brushes for $113.00. How much does each gallon of paint and each brush cost? Shopping at Savers Mart, Lisa buys her children four shirts and three pairs of pants for $85.50. She returns the next day and buys three shirts and five pairs of pants for $115.00.What is the price of each shirt and each pair of pants? Grandma?s Bakery sells single?crust apple pies for $6.99 and double?crust cherry pies for $10.99.The total number of pies sold on a busy Friday was 36. If the amount collected for all the pies that day was $331.64, how many of each type were sold? Your teacher is giving you a test worth 100 points containing 40 questions. There are two?point and four?point questions on the test. How many of each type of question are on the test? Suppose you are starting an office?cleaning service. You have spent $315 on equipment. To clean an office, you use $4 worth of supplies. You charge $25 per office. How many offices must you clean to break even? The math club and the science club had fundraisers to buy supplies for a hospice. The math club spent $135 buying six cases of juice and one case of bottled water. The science club spent $110 buying four cases of juice and two cases of bottled water. How much did a case of juice cost? How much did a case of bottled water cost? On a canoe trip, Rita paddled upstream against the current at an average speed of 2 mi/h relative to the riverbank. On the return trip downstream with the current , her average speed was 3 mi/h. Find Rita?s paddling speed in still water and the speed of the river?s current. Kay spends 250 min/wk exercising. Her ratio of time spent on aerobics to time spent on weight training is 3 to 2. How many minutes per week does she spend on aerobics? How many minutes per week does she spend on weight training? Suppose you invest $1500 in equipment to put pictures on T?shirts. You buy each T?shirt for $3. After you have placed the picture on a shirt, you sell it for $20. How many T?shirts must you sell to break even? Alightplaneflewfromitshomebasetoanairport255milesaway.Withaheadwind,thetriptook1.7hours.Thereturn trip with a tail wind took 1.5 hours. Find the average airspeed of the plane and the average windspeed

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