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This is a Final Assignment – Structures of Difference (15% or 15pts). As discussed within both our lectures and texts, we have come to understand that social categories such as gender, race, class, and sexuality,Final Assignment – Structures of Difference (15% or 15pts),As discussed within both our lectures and texts, we have come to understand that social categories such as gender, race, class, and sexuality are socially constructed and are therefore understood and employed differently in their respective cultural and historical contexts. Given our ongoing objective in engaging with the historical (and contemporary) trajectory of these configurations, our final assignment will take up the issue of difference both literally as well as figuratively.,Situating difference within the location of its occasion (time, place, etc.), we will be approaching these constructions in a manner that both addresses and contests projects of belonging. That is to say, that rather than exoticizing/fetishizing difference or calling for assimilative identities/communities. There is something for valuing difference AS difference., In your final assignment, you will be taking this initiative to task by drawing from the ongoing work and assignments that we have completed up until this point.,Thinking about social categories of difference and the power structures that inform/impact them (past and present), you will need to select a concept (listed below) and contemporary artist that engages with your thematic selection in their practice. After selecting both your theme and artist, you will need to select 2-3 artworks that you feel best exemplifies/contests/complicates your chosen concept.,A Substantial Creative Project (Art, Creative Writing, Performance, etc.):,This will need to be accompanied by a 4-5-page critical paper that relates the project back to the concept/artist of your choice (if you elect to go with this option, choosing an artist to inform the project alone will suffice).,Thematic Choices:,–  Sex/Gender Binaries,Regardless of your choice, your final assignment on the ,visualization, of difference will need to utilize and EXPAND ON the concept of your choice, discussing not only HOW it is exemplified in the context of the artist/work that you have selected, but also how it engages with the “cultural order” of difference.,with option two (2), you may elect to include reference photos if appropriate, however, if you are not specifically referencing any artworks, listing the artist alone will suffice.,BOTH options will require that you use at LEAST 3-4 academic/scholarly sources.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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