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This is a paper that requires you to demonstrate a theory or model selection and understanding. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper well.,Demonstrate a theory or model selection and understanding,For this individual assignment, you are to demonstrate your understanding of a selected theory/model and discuss how it may apply to the “Case of Laura”. The discussion must be support with reference to course learning materials and other external sources to satisfy expectations for the assignment. For this paper, you are to select one theory/model from the following list:,Family Systems Theory, Structural Family Therapy, Crisis  Intervention Model, Trauma Informed Care, Problem Solving Model,Then, produce a response to the following question prompts for your multi-media video presentation.,Demonstrate a theory or model selection and understanding,Firstly, select one issue associated with the case of Laura applicable to the selected theory/model. Do not present an overview, recap, or summarized history of the case or the issue., Secondly, select one theory or model to recommend for intervention in view of the issue., Thirdly, provide a detailed description of the theory/model including it’s origin, assumptions made about human nature, and how problems develop., Fourthly, provide a detailed description of the key features related to the intervention model including how the model is designed to address problems., Also, describe how the intervention model may be applied to the identified issue (i.e. problem identification, assessment, plan implementation, outcome evaluation)., Lastly, briefly discuss which aspects of the intervention model are most helpful in addressing the issue. Explain why (give a clear and supported rationale).,**This assignment is not an opportunity for you to present yourself as a therapist or diagnostician. You are to draw from the learning materials and also other scholarly sources and connect that material to the existing facts of the case, not present what you think, what you believe or how you feel. This is an academic assignment that requires objectivity.**, Here are the textbooks for the class:, Coady, N. & Lehman, P. (Eds.) ( 2016). Theoretical perspectives for direct social work practice: A generalist-eclectic approach (3rd edition). New York: Springer Publishing, Turner, F.J. (Ed.) (2017). ,Social work treatment: Interlocking theoretical approaches,, (6th edition). New York: Oxford University Press,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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