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This is a paper that is focusing on the three primary agents of political socialization and their importance. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,Three primary agents of political socialization and their importance,Answer each question as completely as possible. Be sure to proofread your work carefully for correct spelling, grammar, and usage. Creative thinking and your own wording are important aspects of an effective answer. Do not merely copy sentences or paragraphs from the readings. However, you should use ideas from the readings if they support your answer. When you do, be sure to acknowledge the source of the quotation or paraphrase. Identify and explain three primary agents of political socialization, and explain their importance. Next, identify and explain three secondary agents of political socialization. Do you think a person’s political opinion can change over time? Explain.,[MO3.1] Firstly, define political ideology and briefly define the following terms: libertarian, classical liberal, modern liberal, traditional conservative, modern conservative, socialism, ,communism,, and fascism. [MO3.1] Several factors play a role in a person’s interest and participation in government. List and explain three of these factors and how they contribute to/detract from participation. Why is it important for citizens to participate in the political process? [MO3.1, MO3.2] Thirdly, describe some of the problems surrounding public opinion polls. How does public opinion influence public policy? [MO3.2] Explain the electoral college. Can an election in the electoral college differ from the population’s election?,[MO3.4] Fourthly, describe today’s political campaigns. Include the shadow campaign, primary campaigns, and also general election campaigns. [MO3.3] During the 1800s various political parties in the United States rose, evolved, and died. Today the two major parties reflect differing ideologies. Summarize the ideology each party promotes and the segments of society and also the economy that each attracts. [MO3.3, MO3.4] Discuss the various elements in the election process from announcing candidacy to election. [MO3.4] Money is a crucial component of any presidential campaign. Where do campaign funds come from? [MO3.4] Lastly, discuss the importance of direct democracy. List some examples of this process. [MO3.3],Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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