health sciences 2

Stress Essay

1.     List  AND  explain  25 healthy ways to minimize/manage stress in our lives (i.e. 1. Have a massage to relieve muscle tension and remove the toxins that build up in muscle tissue).


2.      Explain at least 10 different ways that EXERCISE  helps our bodies physically combat the negative effects of stress (i.e. Exercise produces endorphins which are chemicals that produce an analgesic or pain killing affect).


3.      List  and explain 20 physiological of the body to stress (i.e. increase blood pressure, slows digestion, etc.)


4.      List and define the 3 stages of the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS);

         Explain  what happens during each stage of the stress response.


5.     Explain the difference between eustress and distress.


6.     List the 10 biggest stressors in your personal life.


7.    List and explain 5 time management tips (i.e. make a list of tasks to do, etc.)


8.    Explain the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.


9.      List and explain the stress-related hormones (i.e. hormones produced by stress—epinephrine).


  10-Explain the difference between Type A and Type B personalities

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