He These Five Mc Questions Thank You Here S What I Got 1 A 2 C 3 C 4 C 5 A What

Hello can someone please help me withe these five mc questions, thank you

here’s what I got






What rate of crystallization is preferred for a recrystallization process?

No crystallization

A slow crystallization

Immediate crystallization

A fast crystallization

Which of the following is a common issue with recrystallization?

100 % yield

No separation of solute and impurity.

Loss of desired compound in solvent.

Which condition would result in a high quality recrystallization? 

Slow gradual cooling to room temperature followed by an ice bath.

Adding large amounts of solvent.

Plunging directly into an ice bath.


A mixture was recrystallized to purify compound A (melting point of 105 °C) from compound B (melting point 85 °C). Which of the following would indicate that the recrystallization was a success? 

The recrystallized product melting point is lower than the impure mixture.

The melting point of the recrystallized product is higher than the impure product.

No crystals were formed.

The melting points of the impure mixture and recrystallized product are the same.

Which of the following solvents would be best suited for recrystallization. 

A solvent in which the solute’s solubility does not change with a temperature.

A solvent in which the solute has a low solubility at low temperatures and a high solubility at high temperatures.

A solvent in which the solute is miscible.

A solvent in which the solute solubility is insoluble.

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