Happy Times Inc Wants To Expand Its Party Stores Into The Southeast

Happy Times, Inc., wants to expand its party stores into the Southeast. In order to establish an immediate presence in the area, the company is considering the purchase of the privately held Joe’s Party Supply. Happy Times currently has debt outstanding with a market value of $230 million and a YTM of 8 percent. The company’s market capitalization is $370 million, and the required return on equity is 13 percent. Joe’s currently has debt outstanding with a market value of $35 million. The EBIT for Joe’s next year is projected to be $15 million. EBIT is expected to grow at 9 percent per year for the next five years before slowing to 2 percent in perpetuity. Net working capital, capital spending, and depreciation as a percentage of EBIT are expected to be 8 percent, 14 percent, and 7 percent, respectively. Joe’s has 2.3 million shares outstanding and the tax rate for both companies is 30 percent.

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