Guidelines For Unit 4 Examattached Files All The Files Are Attached Below Unit 4

  • Guidelines for Unit 4 Exam

    Attached Files: All the files are attached below:

    •  Unit-4-Exam-1302.pdf (519.752 KB)

    1) Guidelines: For the Unit 4 Exam, download the file attached above. The file includes a set of documents and images, as well as five sections of questions related to the documents, images, and time period being covered in class. For your paper, answer all of the questions in each section. The total word count for all five sections together must be more than 1200 words in length. Direct quotes do not count toward the required word count. 


    2) Research and Citations: The Unit Exams are not timed, so you may use your textbook, the videos, or other outside sources. In the case of the textbook and the videos, only direct quotes need to be cited, requiring only the author’s last name in parentheses. Outside sources (books, websites, etc.) may also be used, but in this case all information must be cited and must be listed in a works cited (or bibliography) at the end of the essay. For your citations, please use Chicago, MLA, or APA. You will submit your paper through plagiarism checking software, so be sure to cite any and all direct quotes.  For help with citations, see the “History / Writing Help” section of the course menu.


    3) Submission: All five sections of the Unit 4 Exam must be submitted together in a single word processing document. The Unit 4 Exam is worth 120 points of the final grade, and will be due by 11:55 PM on the date listed in the course calendar. All papers must be submitted through the course website and must be one of the following file types: .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt. Do NOT submit .pdf, .pages, or google doc files.

  • Larger Image File

    Attached Files:

    •  Document-5.jpg (172.067 KB)

    If you would like larger, high-resolution version of the image (Document 5), you can download it here.

  • Unit 4 Exam (Assessment Assignment) Help

    Attached Files:

    •  Assessment Assignment Helpful Hints 2018.docx (19.387 KB)

    This document provides a helpful guide to approaching the Unit 3 Exam. It was written by the history tutors, and is the basis for the Assessment Assignment Workshops. You are not required to use it, bu you will likely get a better grade, if you do.

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