Growth Has Been And Most Likely Will Continue To Be A Top Priority For All Organ

Growth has been and most likely will continue to be a top priority for all organizations. In fact, firms are gluttonous when it comes to growth. 

1.    Why are firms so fixated on growth? Why is this metric so ubiquitous in the business world? What are the dangers of focusing on growth as a metric for performance?

2.    If a firm is supposed to build on its strengths and downplay its weaknesses, how is a firm to avoid the Icarus disaster? What failsafe would you put in place to ensure that this does not happen? Explain how this would work.

3.    Given the prevalence of strategic alliances, joint ventures, and cooperation among companies in the business world today do you believe that competition is being replaced by cooperation? Should it be?

4.    What do you believe is the ultimate competitive advantage? How will such a competitive advantage be able to sustain itself in perpetuity?  

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