Graph Transformationsquot Please Respond To The Following View The Graph Transfo

Graph Transformations”  Please respond to the following:

  • View the Graph Transformations interaction located at Play with it and familiarize yourself with the demonstrating graph transformations. Note: There are functions and different numbers given that you can click on and see the various transformations. You can also choose or create the function and numbers by double clicking the given function / numbers, and typing in the pop-up box along the left-hand side of the graph. Or, you can change the functions and numbers for the various transformations along the right hand side of the graph by typing in the function box and sliding the bullets left or right along the number line.
  • Explain why the graph of the function g(x) = -3(x-1)2 + 5 has the same basic shape of the parabola f(x) = x2.
  • Provide your own example of a function and list out the given graph transformations used.

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