googlescholar module 7 assignment




Directions: Visit the USAID/OFDA website, ( and navigate to the Annual Reports page.  Open the most recent annual report and read about the disaster response and recovery activities USAID/OFDA has been conducting over the last year.  Select a recent disaster and describe the assistance that the U.S. government provided to the affected government(s).  Then answer the following questions.




  1. What is the affected country or countries?
  2. What is the disaster/hazard type?
  3. Describe the disaster impacts.
  4. Describe the assistance provided by USAID/OFDA to the affected country.
  5. What is the dollar value of the assistance provided?
  6. In your opinion, was the assistance provided the best use of resources?  Why or why not?








Directions: Based on your review of the article “The Importance of Studying International Disaster Management Studies” (see link at the end of the Lecture Notes) write a summary report.  Please ensure that your report is at least 1.5 pages in length, using 12-point font and double spacing.  Be sure to cite any sources you use.  Please visit the Academic Resource Center for concise guidelines on APA format.


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