good and bad listening

Take a look at the good and bad listening document. Write about two ways you could be considered a “bad” listener’ and 2 ways you could be considered a “good” listener.


For example

One way that you could be a bad listener is by interrupting someone. Not only is this rude, but it can also interrupt the speaker’s train of thought, making them forget what they were going to say or skewing their discussion. Another way you can be a bad listener is by jumping to conclusions and putting words into people’s mouths. By doing this, you can not only upset the speaker, but if there are other people listening, you may create a false idea in them of what the speaker is trying to say. If this is something the listener disagrees with, they may begin to dislike the speaker at no fault of the speaker.

One way to be a good listener is remembering what you have asked and what people have said. This prevents the speaker from having to backtrack and repeat things they have already said, which takes up time for things they have yet to discuss or more important matters. Another way to be a good listener is by using body language that signals interest, like eye contact and nodding. Body language that shows disinterest such as yawning and checking your watch signifies to the speaker that you are not engaged in what they are saying and would rather be somewhere else.

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