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This is a paper that is focusing on the Future Clean Energy Alternatives for the UAE. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper clearly.,Future Clean Energy Alternatives for the UAE research,The aim with this assignment is to write a research paper on approximately 3000 words + bibliography using Times New Roman 12p font . The paper should be written as an Expository Essay. (rubric attached),This is a research project where you will be working on a topic relating to “Future Clean Energy Alternatives for the UAE”. Your task will be to critically research different alternatives for clean and sustainable energy in the UAE and look into the latest and future technological advances in your area. Being quantitative rather than just qualitative in your paper is a plus, and also something you should strive for when you write up your paper. Also, since we are focusing on UAE, you may want to contact key stakeholders for in-depth interviews to understand the current status of a particular technology.,My topic:, Clean transportation – a must for the UAE but at what price? How can we improve our transportation sector? What options are there and how can we transition from gas guzzling cars to more sustainable transportation. Is electric cars or hydrogen cars an option? What are the advantages and disadvantages with electrical cars compared to petrol cars (and perhaps hydrogen cell cars)? How about public transportation within and between cities? How does it look elsewhere? Additionally, what are the challenges in the future to ?,Future Clean Energy Alternatives for the UAE research,The research for your essay topic shall preferably include information about (but not exclusively):,How does the renewable/sustainable technology work? Go into detail of the latest advances of this technology and exemplify from UAE and/or from other countries.,• What is the current status of this ,renewable/sustainable technology, in the UAE? Is there currently something like this used in UAE and in that case how much energy is it currently generating? Put it in proportion to overall energy demand in UAE. • What are the future prospects of this technology in the UAE? How much energy is it/can it potentially generate? How much of the current fossil fuel-based energy could realistically be replaced with this technology? • What are the advantages and disadvantages with this technology?,Describe the benefits and drawbacks of this renewable/sustainable technology and relate it to UAE conditions. Are there any negative Environmental Impacts as well? • Conclude the feasibility of adapting this technology in the UAE and compare/benchmark against other countries. • How does it fit in with UAE’s “Energy Strategy 2050”?. Please try to be quantitative as well as qualitative in your paper. The findings in your essay should be by literature references and the essay should include a proper API style bibliography list of all your sources and also with proper in-text citations. Web-pages and newspaper articles can be as sources. But using proper scientific literature is better and will score higher when marked ;-).,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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