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Task: Your task is to identify the fundamental concepts of network security and security policy according to various viewpoints and try to systematize them in a succinct and yet comprehensive contribution. You may discuss typical attacks and how they affect various dimensions of security and the models and frameworks for network security. Feel free to conduct research on your own and consult reputable sources. ÿ400-500 wordsIllustrate and explain fundamental architectures of networks and the Internet as well as their underlying protocols.Describe and analyze Internet security issues and available countermeasures.Identify security issues and their countermeasuresÿ in wireless networksLearn state-of-the-art technologies for network access control and protecting data through networks.Any domain of science is well structured only when its fundamental concepts or principles are identified and verified. The introductory part of our course has the aim to identify and understand the concepts that make possible network security. In this attempt we do not profess to be guiding the technologist or the engineer. We are looking for something more fundamental, for the general laws that must govern all security systems, and in particular network security, no matter how they are accomplished.Any security system aims towards a state of well-being of information and infrastructures in which the possibility of successful yet undetected theft, tampering, and disruption of information and services is kept low or tolerable. This is a desired goal, but making it happen can be different matters altogether. Network security has a natural conflict with network connectivity. The more an autonomous system opens itself up, the more risk it takes on. This, in turn, requires that more effort be applied to security enforcement tasks. But, ultimately security isn’t effective unless it enables business.Internetworks are getting bigger and more complicated and in the same time new threats are always emerging. In the situation that many so called security systems are not usually a system at all but some patchwork of vendor-specific tools, we need a science of network security. There are many conflicting issues regarding security implementation, therefore, we need to understand the fundamental principles of security that enables it to be successfully implemented in any practical case.Of course, the modern science being an inductive process is in a continuous process of proving. So far, it has been easier to ask questions than to answer them, but to the extent that we find principles we may be sure that we know something.

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