For Your Project You Will Be Developing A Creative Proposal For The White House

I need help with JUST a proposal paragraph for my project.

For your project, you will be developing a creative proposal for the White House regarding the War on Drugs. Your proposal must include a plan to eliminate the supply of methamphetamine in this country.

In this unit you will begin working on the first part of your course project. Part 1 of your project requires that you develop the concept of your proposal.

Your concept should be a very succinct paragraph that provides an overview of your plan to eliminate the methamphetamine supply. Think of it as a “snapshot” of your proposal. Discuss the “big picture” or high level overview of your proposal. Do not include the details of how your proposal will work.

You will want to spend some time on this paragraph, and craft it so that someone reviewing your proposal will immediately be drawn in and want to hear more details about your plan. You should also list the countries you expect you will need to bring on board to partner with the U.S. to execute this program.

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