For This Question You Can Assume That The Following Traits Are Controlled By Sin

For this question, you can assume that the following traits are controlled by single locus genes and are located on different chromosomes. Phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) is a dominant trait that you can attribute the ability to taste bitterness by a receptor on the tongue. The ability to taste bitterness is dominant over being tasteless. Freckles are controlled primarily by the MC1R gene. Freckles show a dominant inheritance pattern. Suppose a freckled woman who can taste bitterness has a father who is does not have freckles and cannot taste PTC. She then has children with a heterozygous, freckled man who can also taste bitterness.

a) Please provide the genotypes of the parents on the line above the Punnett Square.

b) Complete the dihybrid cross in a Punnett Square

c) List both the genotypes and phenotypes of their offspring.

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