Hello Phyllis, 

I am contacting you because I have an economic research paper that needs some professional attention. I have used you in the past and would like for you to help me once again. Could please write a 4-5 page paper on     “The Risks of Ignoring Opportunity Cost” and please include recent events from 2017. The summary and outline is due before Aug 26th and the final draft is due before, Sept 10th. Below are further instructions; 

 ECON 210 Research Paper Checklist 

 The objective of the assignment is to demonstrate the application of microeconomic theory as presented in Arnold to a current topic you have chosen. It is the application of the theory that is important; this is not just a research paper which describes a current situation with some economic features. 

 The selected topic must be one that relates to microeconomics; that is, any of the subjects listed in the Arnold table of contents under microeconomics, for example, market failure. Macroeconomic topics and analysis are not acceptable for a micro class. 

 The paper should not be long. Provide enough information and detail on your chosen topic to serve as the basis for economic analysis. The topic must be relatively current; an analysis of some past event is not acceptable. 

 Show how the theory you’ve learned from the course and presented in Arnold applies to or explains the current situation. The analysis need not be complex, but must include a written explanation and a graphical analysis similar to those used throughout Arnold. Basically, you are just selecting the appropriate tools from Arnold and showing how they apply to a specific situation. 

 Write a short conclusion. This might include some predictions for the future. 

The paper should include the following: 

 Title page 

 Insert page numbers. A Running Head is fine but not necessary. 

 Abstract – not required but OK if desired 

 Table of Contents – not required 

 Section Headings – strongly encouraged 

 Citations – cite all references in the body of the text and in the Reference list. 

 Plagiarism – Do not copy text from another author or Web source unless it is quoted. 

 Appendices – Not necessary but may be appropriate for raw data. 

Resources on APA Style 

 American Psychological Association: Learning APA Style (see The Basics of APA Style tutorial) 

 Purdue OWL: General APA Guidelines (General format of APA research papers, in-text citations, and reference page) 

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