final project friday april 3 2020 to wednesday april 8 2020 4pm

DETAIL Materials needed: 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper pencils, pens, erasers. Resources allowed: Your homework problem solutions c Anything on MAT 114D Moodle except Wolfram Alpha. Absolutely: no calculators or communication devices (other than your computer opened to our Moodle or Email). c no cooperation with or input from any other person or any other source. These are considered cheating, are easy to detect and will result in a 0 mark. EXAM NOTES Show main details in problems. Don’t simplify answers excessively. TRY TO (because Exam #3 was such a mess to copy, print out, and grade): Use copier sized paper (8.5 x 11) Print your name top of each page Do problems in order (helps to do long problems on scratch paper first) Use entire page to bottom. Submit in order with page 0 first. See if you can submit exam as a PDF. There are apps for iphone pictures, etc. Page 0 TURN IN by 4:00 PM, April 8,

NOTE This exam is difficult in part because you are often asked to explain concepts in words. But, you have lots of time to think, study, and write! The purpose of this exam, in part, to make sure you understand the Definite Integral, the most widely used calculus topic in applications.

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