final paper 2179382 2

6-8 double spaced pages APA format use at least 5 scholarly resources

For example for law enforcement-if the issue is profiling citizens to investigate potential crime, need to reasearch , analyze, and propose how law enforcement officers, law enforcement agencies, and the criminal justice system at large can each use the social justice principles of equality, solidarity, and human rights to build a more justice society.

Part I.

Law enforcement proffesionals must execute justice by upholding the law in an ethical and Constitutional manner. Identify and explain which parts of the Constitution of the United States are most relevent to the ethical standards of law enforcement professionals.

Part II.

Explain why people committ crimes and explain how law enforcement proffesionals use criminal theory in their practice.

Part III.

Identify and explain the 3 main issues that face law enforcement on a regular basis and address the best responses to these issues.



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