Explicitly state the gap in nursing practice


Provide a one- to two-paragraph statement that establishes the relevance of this problem:

1. Summarize preliminary, supporting evidence that provides justification that this problem is meaningful and relevant to the local setting as well as the broader field of nursing practice, citing key scholarly sources.

2. Explicitly state the gap in nursing practice or problem that will be your focus of this doctoral project

7: Problem Statement

8: Purpose Statement;

9: Project Question

10: Framework for the Project

11: Implications for Social Change

How this will impact social change? Does this project support the mission of Walden University to promote positive social change?

12: Definition of Terms

13: Assumptions

14: Scope and Delimitations

15: Limitations

16: Significance

17: Summary

18: References

Use APA format for this prospectus. Include a minimum of five APA-formatted peer-reviewed references for all citations in the Doctoral Project Prospectus.