Explain The Gate Theory Of Pain Give Examples Of How Is Blocked According To The

1.explain the gate theory of pain.Give examples of how is blocked according to the gate theory.Consider how the gate theory applies to pharmacologic and non pharmacologic measures to control pain.(1 learning objectives)2. You are caring for a patient with a new order for a narcotic for acute pain related to fracture of the right femur. Describe the therapeutic actions,indications,pharmacokinetics, contraindications, the most common adverse reactions,and important drug-drug interactions for a narcotic. (2 learning objectives).3. A patient receiving morphine has an order for halo one (Narcan) PRN. Why is the naloxone? What are the indications for using this drug? Compare and contrast naloxone with other narcotic antagonist. (4 learning objectives). Group Assignments:1. Construct a table to compare and contrast the two groups of anti-migraine medication( ergot derivatives and Triptants). In the comparison,include therapeutic actions ,indications, pharmacokinetics,Contraindications ,the most common adverse reactions and important drug-drug interactions.(2 learning objectives).2.A seven years old child is experiencing pain following a fracture arm.which narcotic would be most appropriate for this child?what special nursing considerations are appropriate when using narcotics in children?(3,5 learning objectives).3. You are caring for 88 year old patient following hip surgery.The patient is medicated with morphine to control pain.what special precautions And nursing considerations are necessary for this patient?(3,5 learning objectives).4. Compare and contrast pentazocine with other narcotics agonist-antagonist. Consider similarities and differences.(4 learning objectives).clinical assignments:1. Select a patient in the clinical setting who is taking a narcotic or anti-migraine medication. What classifications does the drug belongs to?.compare the drug to prototype drug for classification. Compare the drug to other drugs in the same classification. After comparison,do you think this drug was the best choice for your patient? Why or why not?(4 learning objectives). Visit a pain clinicand interview nurses working in the clinic.determined which medications are used most frequently.reviewThe teaching information that is given to patients. Obtain copies of patient teaching sheets.summarize your findings and describe how you can utilize this information in your nursing practice. (5 learning objectives).webAssignment:1. You are caring for a 30 year old patients with migraines that occurred several times per month.conduct Internet research to determine the most appropriate choice of anti-migraine medication for this patient.The Web site http://health.nih.gov is a good place to start your research.describe special considerations for the use of anti-migraine medication and Adults.(3 learning objectives).2. Conduct an Internet research to determine important Nursing considerations when working with patients receiving narcotics. The American pain society website,http://www.ampainsoc.org,is a good place to begin your research.summarize your findings.(5 learning objectives).

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