Explain how the four teachers chosen by the experimenter in the essay

Read and reread the article The Perils of Obedience by Stanley Milgram on which the questions are based. Think through how you would respond to the topics based on what you read; organize your ideas, and keep an outline so that your ideas will be orderly and organized

An outline is mandatory with every essay.

Rambling essays can usually be traced back to poor planning, and thus, a poor outline. Be sure that your organization is clear and that you have specific details and examples to support your ideas. Be sure to proofread what you have written (It is truly said that “Bad writers are good writers who don’t proofread” [Ernest L. Shirer]). Your essay will be evaluated in terms of its organization, development, and mechanics.
1-”Mental Cruelty” can be defined as a situation in which someone uses your inability to disobey them to gain control over your personality through “psychological terrorism,” and against whom you are severely paralyzed to act. Explain a situation in which you were exposed to mental cruelty and how your desire to obey changed you. Attempt to tie in principles from the essay.
2-The four people reported in this experiment are archetypes for the four types of participants identified in the experiment. Explain how the four “teachers” chosen by the experimenter in the essay The Perils of Obedience differ from each other, yet how they exemplify the goals and expectations put forth by Milgram in the essay.