Explain how patients and consumers find valid and reliable information about health care providers&nbsp

  1. Explain how patients and consumers find valid and reliable information about health care providers 

Healthcare providers, just like ordinary human beings, make mistakes. Unknown is the fact that these mistakes occur more often than not; from botched surgeries, administration of overdoses and wrong prescriptions, among many others. However, in an effort to create awareness, this article strives to analyze few pertinent issues that can enlighten patients. There are several ways through which patients find credible information, one of which is through healthcare information technology. Health facilities usually provide some of their basic information online. Patients can then be able to access them through the perusal of services provided and available facilities, giving them an upper hand in determining what suits best (Zafar & Sneha, 2012). Most professionals give valid information on websites, hence, such can be trustworthy.

Patients also usually share personal healthcare experiences. The way a person was treated in a particular health facility determines how they describe it. One can, therefore, get reliable data on the dependability of a professional healthcare provider. Preferred facilities are normally described enthusiastically as opposed to those deemed to be of lower standards. Emergency situations may not allow one to be taken to their healthcare facility of choice. Nonetheless, a situation arises where one is forced to make do with what is available. Upon medical treatment, one can be able to deduce whether the facility handled one well, and yearn to know more about it. This enhances the development of valid information through what can be termed as trial and error (Gibson et al., 2003