Explain how a devaluation might under some circumstances correct a BOP deficit?

Be sure to label your answers clearly.
Part I: Short answer. All Questions Required. Each question a paragraph.
Complete the attached BOP worksheet. Which item(s) are particularly problematic for this country? (The worksheet at last page)

Show the likely impact of the current BOP situation on the exchange rate in the absence of central bank transactions (you may use either the market for home currency or the market for foreign exchange but you must be clear and consistent in your answer).

Explain how a devaluation might under some circumstances correct a BOP deficit? Why would that be unlikely to occur given this particular balance sheet?

Assuming this country wishes to maintain a fixed exchange rate, show the impact of central bank transactions in the market for foreign exchange and provide a brief explanation for your graph.

Suppose the Central Bank runs out of foreign exchange. Show what will happen in the foreign exchange market and provide a brief explanation of your graph.
Part 2: Short Essay. 2 pages
A country wishes to maintain parity in nominal terms for its currency in exchange for gold bullion. However, its inflation rate is above that of the rest of the world. Will this country most likely have a current account deficit or surplus? Explain. Using the quantity theory of money and the AD-AS diagram, show and explain how this country must adjust its current account situation and the likely impact of this adjustment on the domestic price level, level of output and employment. What would be the advantage of an international lender of last resort? What might be a disadvantage?

Part 3: A little bit longer essay. 2 pages

explain all the following:
Why does the “troika” believe that Greece’s problems should be resolved by requiring Greece to run a primary fiscal surplus? In your answer, be sure to explain what the “troika” is and how they are able to require this of Greece.
Explain how the “troika” believes these policies will lead to long run improvement in Greece’s ability to pay and what the impact of these policies has been thus far.
Explain how a Greek default could lead to a banking crisis and how this crisis could spread to all of Europe and even the world.
In your capacity as a researcher for the Greek Finance Ministry, help prepare a report to be presented to the Troika as to why this program is actually unlikely to improve the situation.
Should Greece leave the Eurozone? Explain