Explain Data Management in Health Care Research, assignment help

Topic is on Data Management in Health Care or Health Research And Using Health Care Information Technology to Evaluate and Improve Performance

Reflect on your experience with different aspects of data management—for example, identifying the target population and relevant measures, access to data sources, strategies for data collection, coordination of data entry, and data analysis to final deliverable to stakeholders.

Discuss those areas in which you feel skilled versus those areas that will require more skill development. List at least three activities in which you might engage in your current practice setting that would increase your competencies in the area of data management.

Please note in the above paragraph that the specific questions are highlighted in bold prints.


Textbook Readings

Advanced Practice Nursing: An Integrative Approach 5thEdition by A. B. Hamric et al

  • Chapter 23: “Integrative Review of Outcomes and Performance Improvement Research on Advanced Practice Nursing”
  • Chapter 24: “Using Health Care Information Technology to Evaluate and Improve Performance and Patient Outcomes”

After completing this chapter reading, you should be able to:

  • Monitor the quality of care delivered and the outcomes achieved by APNs.
  • Discuss performance indicators at two levels: the aggregate level, where evidence addresses APN role impact; and the individual level, with activities directed at the outcomes of a single APNs practice.
  • Define key terms and describe frameworks for quality and outcomes assessment.
  • Perform outcome evaluation and manage health information using systems that are developing in the United States.