Exercise C For Each Of The Problems You Need To 1 Identify And Name The Fallacy

Exercise C

For each of the problems you need to: 1) Identify and name the fallacy, 2) Briefly explain (2 to 3 full sentences) why it is a fallacy. The fallacies used are only i: Tu Quoque, Pooh-Pooh, Straw Man, Loaded Words, Definitional Dodge, or Exception That Proves the Rule]

2. If Ms. Harlan can’t come up with something besides the feminist cliché́ that our policy demeans women, I don’t see any reason to answer her charges.

4. How can you tell when a radical conservative like Jane Meadows is lying? Check to see if her lips are moving.

6. Mondino: What I like about Robert Frost is the cleverness with which he makes all his poetry rhyme.

Halah: But “Mending Wall” doesn’t rhyme.

Mondino: Ah, but that’s the exception that proves my point exactly.

8. Monteel: Extending basic health coverage to the 40 million Americans who lacked insurance was the right thing to do. Basic care should be recognized as a right in our society.

Brewster: Monteel wants us to forget about costs and allow everybody to go to the hospital and get whatever kind of treatment they want. I don’t think our society should continue to support Botox giveaways.

10. Dennett states that only someone with “professional knowledge” of the books’ primary topic, geography, should review them. Yet Dennett himself, a professor of philosophy, has writ- ten widely on subjects about which he is not a specialist. —Greg Easterbrook (New York Times. 20 February 200

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