Examine potential multicultural and diversity issues that mission personnel may encounter.

Your health care organization has recently committed 20 nurses to participatte in a 4-month-long multinational effort to treat patients exposed to a highly contagious virus in a hot zone in Africa.

The director of your organization has asked you, because of your previous medical mission experience, to outline nursing-related plans for preparing for the mobilization and present this information at an upcoming staff meeting.
Create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation (with detailed speakers notes) of your mobilization plan. It should be targeted toward members of the hospitals administrative staff, nurses, and the physicians who will also participate in this medical mission.
Use bullet points and phrases on slides
The narrative, or explanation for each slide, should be the speakers notes section.
Identify the major stakeholders within the health care system that would be affected by the mobilization plan.
Analyze how the mobilization effort will impact staffing patterns and nursing care at the hospital.
Describe the medical mission teams organizational structure of the mission team and how power is distributed.
include one slide of an organizational diagram for the mission and describe the roles.
Assess how the organizational structure empowers team members (Provide 1-2 examples of how team members will have power.)
Identify key acgtions needed to assure quality of care and safety for mission patients and personnel.
Evaluate potential power issues that may arise when dealing with a multinational contingent. (Be generic)
Consider interactions with health care personnel from other countries.
Examine potential multicultural and diversity issues that mission personnel may encounter.
Consider that the indigenous population may be hostile treatment.
Outline possible training requirements to improve cultural competencies of the personnel.