Evaluate an existing nursing practice.

Evaluate an existing nursing practice.

This assignment is two separate parts!!! Please read directions carefully!

Nurse managers are responsible to ensure patient safety, which starts with nurse competence. This project is a two-part process during which you will evaluate an existing nursing practice. After reviewing evidence-based practice research related to a current nursing practice in your work area (I work in the OR), you will compare and contrast current practice with what research suggests is best practice.

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For Part 1, you must write a paper describing the evidence-based practice tool you are planning to create in part 2, the audience for whom it is intended, the impact of change, change theory, organizational constraints, and how the chosen form of media will impact the learning and the practice of the staff nurse. The paper must include 2–3 peer-reviewed references published within the last 5 years. The paper must be in current APA format, including a title page and reference page. This assignment should be 2-3 pages, and must thoroughly cover each elements listed and any other supporting evidence.

Once you have chosen a nursing practice, you will create a teaching tool to educate your staff on evidence-required changes. This tool must be creative and focused on your specific audience (i.e., the bedside nurse). Some ideas are a PowerPoint presentation, video, brochure, or other creative tool. A minimum of 4 peer-reviewed references published within the last 5 years are required. A reference list in current APA format must be included. (Your name must be on the final teaching tool.)