essay on modern european history 1

-4 Pages Essay

-Must follow the following reference format:

  • References should be noted by including the author and page number in parentheses followinga quotation – for example: Freud wrote, “He gives the impression of being clear-headed andperceptive” (Freud 128).

-This essay asks you to demonstrate your understanding of one of the most significant thinkers in modern European history. The focus is the “Ratman” case, pp. 123-178 of the edition assigned for this class. (For those of you working with another edition, note that this excerpt covers the original Ratman case only, not Freud’s subsequent remarks.)– PS 🙁my digital copy I am attaching has different page numbers, reference the page numbers I am attaching)

  1. Identify and explain any FOUR aspects of, or concepts in, Freud’s thought. Include a concise overview of the Ratman case, while devoting the majority of your essay to illustrating key aspects of Freud’s practice through by explaining four approaches/concepts as evident in this case.

* I have the digital copy of the assigned reading, I will attach screenshots of the specific pages you must read and reference, The name of the book is: The “Wolfman” and Other Cases , by Sigmund Freud.

NO OUTSIDE citation is allowed. Only from the Pages I attached.

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