essay literature review 1

Literature Review

Look for common themes and arguments among the articles and books listed in your annotated bibliography. You are allowed to add and delete items from the annotated bibliography that do not directly answer your RQ. Please make sure you include a reference page. 2-3 pages long 1.5 spaced and in 11-point font using the Cambria font.

should look at literature on sustainable companies or those that claim that they are sustainable. The same goes for fair trade. It does not just have to be about H&M but any literature about other companies that make a similar claim. That would also help you figure out what criteria you need to use to evaluate H&M. Also, look at how literature defines green or sustainable company. the Following are an example of an article I found. Try different searches like “Fashion industry and environmental sustainability”

Things must change

“You have so far used mostly articles from the web and they are online or newspaper articles. For the annotated bibliography, you should be using academic journal articles or books. Please do a search in the library database.

Research Topic and Background shows the RQ

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