esci assignment super easy

compete following 1. all the reason 2. reflection

Read the following news article titled, “Tip of the Iceberg: is our destruction of nature responsible for Corvid-19?” by John Vidal :

All quarter long we have learned about our interactions with the environment, some negative and some positive. Now that you are a level 1 Environmental Scientist you should understand the dynamics of ecosystems and the role we have played in altering those systems. After reading this article, LIST (in bullet point or number format) ALL THE REASONS why this global pandemic crisis (Corvid-19) we are currently experiencing could be caused by our actions of depleting nature and destroying the environment and its ecosystem services? Include all the conclusions and reasons the scientists make from this article. Then write a short REFELCTION paragraph (ONLY A PARAGRAPH) on what you think or are feeling about this article and what we are currently experiencing right now. This could included how do we solve these problems, your personal experience and feelings, how do we change our society to live with the environment, is this alarming, etc. This is your opportunity to share your thoughts with me.

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