equality of educational oppurtunity essay

Directions for Paper

Chapters 3, 4 , & 5 will be combined into a single assignment: a paper with three parts which addresses the Equality of Educational Opportunity

Section 1: Social Class Differences and Inequalities (Chapter 3)

Section 2: Gender Differences and Inequalities (Chapter 4)

Section 3: Racial Differences and Inequalities (Chapter 5)

The paper should be 4-5 pages, 12 point common font (Times New Roman), and 1 inch margins with a cover page (not included in page total) and any references (not included in page total). APA is requested (including abstract not included in page count), three labeled topical sections, and conclusion should be included. You MUST have a reference page and you MUST use proper in-text citation for APA

The paper should cover key aspects of each of the chapters and may include personal experiences pertinent to the topical areas. Must also include some outside research for each topic. I am expecting your textbook and at least 4 additional resources on your reference page.

Use the following headings to organize your paper:


Social Class Differences and Inequalities

Gender Differences and Inequalities

Racial Differences and Inequalities



Text book can be found in this link


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