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This is a paper that is focusing on the Honicker Coorporation portfolio project analysis. The paper also provides guidelines to focus on in writing the assignment paper.,The Honicker Coorporation portfolio project analysis,Honicker Coorporation, Portfolio Project option is comprised of three sections:, Section 1: Principle Components Discussion Describe the project management standards and processes based on the Project Management Institute’s A Guide to the ,Project Management Body of Knowledge® (PMBOK® Guide), (6th ed.). This section should be approximately 5- to 6-pages and include a brief, yet, substantive synopsis for each of the following items:, 1. Project, Program, and Portfolio Management distinction, 2. Project Selection, 3. Project Charter, 4. Project Charter Template: Additionally, develop a basic, 1- to 3-page Project Charter template based on the PMBOK® Guide (6th ed.) that could be used for small-to-medium projects in a global organization.,Include your Project Charter template (already included at the end of this document) as an appendix in your essay paper., 1. Firstly, project Organization, 2. Secondly, project Planning, 3. Thirdly, project Scheduling, 4. Fourthly, project Estimating, 5. Also, monitoring and Control, 6. Project Closure, 7. Communication Management, 8. Risk Management, 9. Role of Information Technology.,The Honicker Coorporation portfolio project analysis,Section 2: Simulation Analysis Summarize your performance in the project management simulation completed in Module 6,This section should be approximately 2- to 3-pages and must include:, Firstly, identification of three project management standards or practices applied during the simulation and their effect on your simulation outcomes., Secondly, delineation of three lessons learned from the project management simulation that can be applied to future management of projects., Thirdly, recommendation for improving your simulation outcomes.,The subject content for Section 2 varies based on the Portfolio Project option selected:, ·         Firstly, for Option 1, the project management simulation requires an analysis of your performance of the Simulation Scenario A. (Project is option 1), ·         Secondly, for Option 2, the project management simulation requires an analysis of your performance of the Simulation Scenario B., Section 3: Case Study Analysis Review and also assess one of the two global project management case studies designated; then develop a 4- to 6-page recommendation for achieving the objectives set forth.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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