Email Phishing Explorationone Of The Key Topics We Have Been Learning About Is E

Email Phishing Exploration

One of the key topics we have been learning about is ensuring that all users are aware of security threats.  Email phishing is a common threat that a user may face.  Using email phishing tests are a very good way to train users.  Now is your chance to try one for yourself.  Take the email phishing test at the link below:

Once you have completed the test,  write at least 1-page reflection on your experience. Be sure to follow APA format for your paper and don’t forget to double-space your assignment.   Answer the following questions in your paper:

1.  How well did you do on the test and what did you learn?

2.  How could you use this test to train employees about phishing?

3.  What controls would you suggest to mitigate the risk of email phishing? 

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