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This is a paper that focuses on the Service-Learning and Civic Engagement in Education assignment. The paper also provides instruction on how to write the assignment paper.,The Service-Learning and Civic Engagement in Education assignment,Alternative Civic Engagement Assignment: Service-Learning and Civic Engagement in Education. Complete this assignment if you were not able to complete your Civic Engagement Assignment.,Read the instructions carefully and also complete each of the questions. Make sure that your answers are in your own words.  This assignment should be 4-5 pages in length, 12 point font and double spaced (font is your choice).  Note:  3 pages does NOT count as 4 pages.,1. Firstly, use information from the Fresno State Richter Center for Civic Engagement and Service-Learning website (,,), the Power Point presentation in the Civic Engagement folder in BB, and/or from a scholarly source of your choice to define the 2 terms below.,Using full sentences and in your own words define the following terms:, Volunteerism, Service-learning,2. Secondly, review the article Quantifying the Value of Service-Learning: A Comparison of Grade Achievement between Service-Learning and Non-Service-Learning Students (pdf posted in the assignment’s module). Respond to the prompts:,From the abstract and introduction, describe what the study was about and overall results. Who are Dewey, Dale, and Kolb discussed in the first section of the article, and why are they important to service-learning?, From the Goals of Study (p.150), what were some of the reasons the instructor decided to try a service-learning class?, From the Conclusion at the end of the article, discuss something you found interesting or important.,The Service-Learning and Civic Engagement in Education assignment,3. Thirdly, read and respond to the questions about the article from the University of Georgia. Outside the Classroom: Students in Service- Learning Classes Retain More Knowledge., , , Note: You may also need to copy/paste the link into your web browser.,Additionally, discuss the results or outcomes of the service-learning project that Ms. Romero’s students found in their work with community children in the article Outside the Classroom: Students in Service Learning Retain More Knowledge.  What do you feel were the most important learning moments or outcomes of that project?  Why or why not?, (10 points), 4. Fourthly, choose one articles or more from the following list and respond to the prompts related to the article(s) you chose.   Please be sure to use complete sentences, formal language, and in your own words.  You are also free to find a scholarly peer-reviewed journal article, book/-book, or chapter to replace one of the articles if you like.          (15 points possible),4a. From the Journal of Higher Education and NCAA website (link below):  Civic Responsibility and the Student Athlete: Validating a New Conceptual Model (pdf in assignment module) AND also read the 1-page research brief from the NCAA’s website: Playing it Forward: Commitment to Service among Student Athletes., , ,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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