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Firstly, discuss the Russian Mafia from a historical perspective. Discuss the activities and methods of operation of the Russian Mafia. Lastly, discuss the investigative strategies used in relation to the Russian Mafia.,Discuss the Russian Mafia from a historical perspective,This week you were required to read Chapter 6 in Organized Crime.,You are now to answer the following questions.  ,Firstly, discuss the Russian Mafia from a historical perspective.,Secondly, discuss the activities and methods of operation of the Russian Mafia.,Thirdly, discuss the, investigative strategies used in relation to the Russian Mafia.,More details;,The Russian Mafia,What Mafia pervades the daily lives of its country and has connections and control of the highest levels in its country’s government? The Italian Mafia, the Colombian drug cartels, the Chinese Mafia? How about the Russian Mafia? The power and presence of the Russian Mafia is one that transcends the daily life of its country.,The term “Mafia” can create specific stereotypical images for most Americans. Popularized through the media such persons as Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, and other Italian or Sicilian Mafia members spring to mind. The American definition of Mafia does not transcend to the rest of the world. Most people in the United States think of a Mafia member as a person who is in a particular gang or criminal organization (the “boss” and his “soldiers”). Also, if the name Mafia should arise in association with any crime, whether that crime be white collar or violent, most Americans immediately place blame on the Mafia members. Finally, the organizational structure of strict hierarchy and life-time codes are the popular views found in the United States. The Russian meaning of Mafia differs, dramatically in some areas, from this American perspective.,While Americans have specific parameters regarding what a Mafia is and who a Mafia consists of, in Russia this membership is much more far reaching.,According to Finckenauer and Waring, those who comprise the Russian Mafia can include someone in an organized crime group, those who control the economic and political power in various regions of Russia, corrupt government employees, or in the past, the Communist Party itself (171).,The Mafia, no matter where it exists, can not survive without the assistance of corruption within the government. While Russians, therefore, place corrupt officials in the Mafia category, most Americans continue to reserve the image of a Mafia member to a “hitman” or “boss.” It is also noteworthy that many within Russia believe that the term Russian Mafia is unfair to ethnic Russians because the majority of those involved in the Mafia organizations are Armenian, Georgian, Ukrainian, Jewish, and Belorussian.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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