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This is an assignment that discusses of a regulatory compliance and risk management brief. The paper takes into consideration the increase in levels of activities in regards to compliance.,A regulatory compliance and risk management brief,You are the head of compliance in a firm regulated in a sector and jurisdiction of your choice. Mindful of the increase level of activities in which your compliance team will be involving in. This will be as a result of the number of additional projects plans within the firm. You intend to apply for an increase in the compliance departmental budget for the coming year.,You recently attended a session at a Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management conference that discussed the most effective methods of securing compliance resource. However, refer back to the notes you made at that time, particularly noting the following points., You schedule a preliminary meeting with the chief finance officer, who has overall responsibility for departmental budgets within your firm. In advance of this meeting you wish to also ensure that the executive board are aware of and support your plans. Accordingly, you intend to include a presentation on this topic at the next board meeting as part of your regular scheduled briefing on current and ,planned compliance activities.,Taking into consideration all that is in your conference notes concerning the volume of regulatory change and potential challenges to securing more budget. Henceforth, prepare an appropriate presentation to the executive board comprising PowerPoint slide content and supporting notes that explain the slide content. Given timing restrictions, your presentation can have a maximum of six slides. Within the slides and/or notes you should include relevant information about compliance costs and challenges, with appropriate examples to support your intended objectives and to help to ensure that board members understand the benefits of investing in effective compliance.,Guidelines,All questions can be answered in relation to a jurisdiction with which you are familiar., Please use the Cayman Islands and the Banking industry when giving examples., Use single spacing, Assignment must be properly reference using footnote referencing system., 1.      I will include the course notes for the chapters applicable to the questions

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