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Stages of Critical Thinking WorksheetPart 1: Stages of Critical Thinking (See Rubric Below)Enter your name in the box above.Save this document with your name added to the current file name: Week 1 Critical Thinking Stages Your NameComplete the matrix by identifying indicators for each stage of critical thinking, as detailed in Critical Thinking.There are many indicators in Chapter 2 of Critical Thinking: Tools for taking charge of your learning and your life. As an example from the text, an indicator of the Unreflective Thinking is that ?we don?t know how to analyze or assess our thinking?. (Chapter 2)Note, if you quote the text, you must cite and reference the text. I check all documents for plagiarism.Stages of critical thinkingStage IndicatorsThe Unreflective Thinker1.2.3.The Challenged Thinker1.2.3.The Beginning Thinker1.2.3.The Practicing Thinker1.2.3.Part 2: Your Thinking StageWrite a 100- to 150-word explanation of your current level of critical-thinking development, and explain why you placed yourself at that stage. Please note that you are at one of these stages of thinking. All of us think at various stages at times, so consider what stage describes your most common approach.Week 1 Stages of Critical ThinkingIn the first part of this assignment (2 Point), you are to fill out the table for the first four critical thinking stages (Unreflective, Challenged, Beginning, and Practicing) by providing 3 identifiers for each. Make sure there is enough information provided to distinguish between the levels. If you use materials from the text, you must cite and reference your source! Note that using up to 3 words from the text will not require citations and references.The second part of this assignment (2 Points) requires you to write an essay. Your level comes from one of these first four stages, so don?t go beyond Level 4! The more advanced stages require far more depth than what is presented in this text.The third part of your assignment is writing mechanics (1 Point). I will grade your essay based on the number of mistakes per 100 words (0.5 Point). I calculate the number of mistakes per 100 words, and then divide that number by 20 to establish the deduction. I do not deduct more than 0.5 points.ÿ For example, if you make 3.2 errors per 100 words, I will deduct 0.16 points (3.2/20).I also grade citations and references (0.5 Point). You earn full credit if both are included and no credit if one or both are missing when quoted material is included. Use quote marks to clearly identify quoted text, and don?t paraphrase. I do not take any points away if you do not include references.NOTE: If I detect large sections of copied or paraphrased text, I will file charges of Academic Dishonesty. This can result in an F grade for the class, plus a 6 month suspension, or expulsion. The price is way too high!

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