Economic paper

An economic paper on “Economic development and institutions quality in MENA countries” 

Deep investigation on:

1- inclusive and extractive political institutions.

2- The direction of causality that means what are the variables that been effected by growth because the quality of those  institutions or the it’s the opposite, which means that those variables are the ones who influence the quality of institutions that in effect promote economic growth.

Things to look for: Governance – corruption – wellbeing – poverty – inequality – healthcare – education

If you’re interested, i know a few papers like:

What determines the quality of economic institutions? Cross-country …

The Impact Of Institutional Quality On Economic Growth And …

Institutional quality and economic growth: Maintenance of the rule of …

All I need is:

Introduction (1 Page)

Literature Review (8 Pages) Please review at least 10 papers

Any charts, tables, data survey you can find from anywhere about the subject (1-2 Pages)

***Please, read what I wrote and follow what I’m requesting without missing anything .. I hate to return the paper and doubling the work on you

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