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This is a paper that focuses on the impact of the safeguarding process on children through a scenario. The paper also provides a scenario of two children to use in answering the assignment.,Impact of the safeguarding process on children through a scenario,ECS 307 – Assignment 2 Reflective Practice, Critical Incident –, This scenario involves two children aged 7 and 9 years. The practitioners believe the children to be living with both their Mum and Dad., Mum has a long history of mental ill health. However she has always managed to care for the children and been an active participant in school activities., The children suddenly begin to appear dirty and unkempt when attending school and stop engaging with activities requiring funding, such as field trips. The children are often tired and distracted in class meaning they are unable to focus on their studies. Also, the children readily tell the practitioners their pet birds have had babies, and they all live happily together.,Upon further investigation, the practitioners realise the birds must have escaped their enclosure and the children now have 15 birds who are flying freely around their home. Also, one of the practitioners hears from a parent, that Dad may have been diagnosed with ,a terminal illness, some time ago., After a meeting to discuss the situation, the practitioners decide to follow the safeguarding policies and procedures., Mum, unable to deal with Dad’s diagnosis and rapid deterioration has disappeared from the scene and is unreachable., The children are immediately placed into foster care.,Impact of the safeguarding process on children through a scenario,Considering the above critical incident, please explain the impact of the safeguarding process on the children, the family and the practitioners., You are to reflect on a given critical incident. Also, explore learning in relation to safeguarding as a result of undertaking this module., Additionally, you will need to demonstrate professional awareness of working with vulnerable children and young people. Also, consider the role of safeguarding in professional practice., You will need to consider the actions needed to promote the welfare of the children within the scenario to protect them from harm., This assessment will focus on LO3: Explain the impact of the safeguarding process on children, families and practitioners., Your writing must be with academic references,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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