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This is an assignment that discusses the Corporate Recruiting Plan evaluation of an organization that is opening a new facility.,Corporate Recruiting Plan evaluation for an organization,Firstly, assume that you have been brought in to consult with one of these growing organizations as it prepares to open a new facility. The new facility will be a multi-purpose regional office with 1500 employees in a variety of disciplines. The acquired employees will be for all positions, ranging from a regional VP and senior staff functions, to the customer service team, and the distribution/warehouse team with 400 employees. The new facility will be similar to eight existing facilities in other regions. The following are recruiting plans for different positions:,·        Recruiting IT and Engineering Positions:, o   College jobs fairs at 3–4 local universities have been used for entry-level positions. In general, the success rate after one year has been about 50%., o   Usage of internships has been at times (“try before you hire”), but interns have often been hard to recruit., o   Professional organizations usage have been for positions requiring experience. These organizations post positions on their websites., o   Usage of Executive recruiters have been for upper management positions., ·        Recruiting Administrative and ,Distribution Center Positions,:, Local newspapers have been the major source for local jobs., Usage of Point-of-sale advertising (signs outside the facility)  often advertising an onsite job fair., When hiring needs dictate, current employees are given small ($100) bonuses for job referrals.,Instructions,Secondly, evaluate both of these plans. Respond to the following:,Which part of each plan would likely not be successful in recruiting today’s employees? Also, what are the specific limitations you see in these plans?, Which part of each plan would likely continue to be successful? Why would these plans be worthwhile to keep?,·        A major issue for recruiters today is the issue of diversity and inclusion. Based on your research on this topic, recommend a plan that would address these issues. Your plan should:,Analyze organizational recruiting plans that have been successful in the recruiting of targeted groups.,Lastly, include the current legal thinking in this area., Address a cross section of targeted groups, including minorities, women, veterans, disabled workers, et cetera., Recommend at least three methods that your research indicates would be successful in this targeted search and justify your recommendations based on this research.,Also, justify your responses based on current research from at least four peer-reviewed articles.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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