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Describe the effects of Anthony’s addiction on his family. Include a minimum of one academic references. Format any citations in your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.,Describe the effects of Anthony’s addiction on his family,Resource,: “Intervention Series #38 (Anthony)”,Create a 2-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that explores the effects of addiction. Include the following:,Describe the effects of Anthony’s addiction on his family.,Include a minimum of one academic references.,Format any citations in your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.,More details;,The effect of addiction have consumed billions of individuals all over the world, not only consume but also killed. Individuals have r,elied on, drugs to fill the void in their life that is missing. The addict is not only hurting themselves from the drug use but their families, friends, and their community. In this paper, it will give a description of a 21-year-old male named Anthony. Anthony started using marijuana at the age of 20, trying to hide the pain from the death of his sister. Eventually, marijuana was not enough to get Anthony the extra high he wanted which Anthony made the choice to try another drug and eventually it.,No, matter what Anthony’s family does as long as they shelter him from the truth they will continue to be Anthony’s enabler. ,Because Anthony father was not there for him emotionally, and it affected Anthony mentally. Anthony stated “In a certain sense, I do like how concerned my father is about me. My father never paid attention to me before the drugs”. This situation have become dangerous for Anthony because he has fallen in love with a drug because of all the attention he is now getting. Anthony father have become his part time accountant he takes cares of his; bills, gas, pay his tickets, give the mother money for Anthony and make sure Anthony only spend 40 dollars a day for the drugs. While the father is doing this, Anthony grandma and mother shelter him at home. This have created Anthony to feel comfortable and happy to be on drugs. Anthony cannot see the wrong and the dangerous outcome because his family hands everything to him. Anthony brothers always makes sure he has a job to come to, even if Anthony have robbed them in the past. “Katy Mennell describes the dramatic effects that addiction can have on families and ‘concerned others,’ interspersed with personal tales of those who had such tough experiences. Family members may be helpful in the process of treatment, but may also be unwitting enablers of continuing the addiction” ((Van Niekerk JP 2011). With the family condoning Anthony’s,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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