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This is a paper that is focusing on the understanding scientific method in Chapter 1 reading. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,Understanding scientific method in Chapter 1 reading question,Questions,Question 1 (5 points),Based on the understanding of the scientific method you gained by reading Chapter 1, design your own scientific experiment (you don’t need to carry it out). Your experiment should be in the field of biology. Identify the observation you made, the hypothesis you will be testing, the independent and dependent variables, and 3 control variables that should be used.,Question 2 (5 points),You see an ad for a “miracle supplement” called NQP3 that claims the supplement will reduce belly fat. They say it works by reducing the hormone cortisol and by providing your body with missing unspecified “nutrients”, but they do not cite any peer-reviewed clinical studies. They show photographs of three people who appear slimmer after taking the product. A board-certified plastic surgeon endorses the product on television. Answer the following questions about this product:,a. Do you think that because a doctor endorsed the product, it really works? Explain your answer.,b. What are two signs that these claims could actually be pseudoscience instead of true science?,c. Thirdly, do you think the photographs are good evidence that the product works? Why or why not?,d. If you wanted to do a strong scientific study of whether this supplement does what it claims, what would you do? Be specific about the subjects, data collected, how you would control variables, and also how you would analyze the data.,e. What are some ways that you would ensure that the subjects in your experiment in part d are treated ethically and also according to human subjects protections regulations?,Understanding scientific method in Chapter 1 reading question,Question 3 (5 points),Describe in detail how antibiotic resistance probably evolved in bacteria based on your understanding of evolution by ,natural selection, (see Chapter 2). What is the source of the variations that natural selection works upon? How do evolving populations change over time when the environment suddenly changes (i.e. we discover a new antibiotic drug/therapy)?,Question 4 (5 points),Cows are dependent on bacteria living in their digestive systems to help break down cellulose in the plant material that they eat. Explain what characteristics these bacteria must have to be considered living organisms themselves (and also not simply part of the cow).,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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