Does the piece have a contemporary counterpart?

Choose a work of art, music, architecture, or literature that is at least 50 years old. Record a
presentation that explores its history and significance. Consider these questions (they dont
have to be a part of your presentation):
Does the piece have personal value to you?·
Does the piece have a contemporary counterpart?·
How has the piece made the world better (or worse)?·
In what ways is it inspirational?·
What makes it stand the test of time?·
What does it say about the human race?·
What might future generations think of it?·
Your presentation can be a voice recording over PowerPoint, Prezi, or a video. You dont have
to do a complex, elaborate production, but try not to be boring.
Your presentation should be 4 to 6 minutes long.·
Youll probably do a bit of research on your chosen piece. Make sure to list the sources·
you pull from at the end of your presentation.
Comment on at least two classmates presentations by Monday, 5/9.·
Special note: If you earn an A on your presentation, you can skip the final exam. Make
it good