Does it serve your group to suppress or intensify the culture of shaming?

There is two parts but not related to each other.

Firstly: Please write 70-100 words on each.

1.Can an “avatar” commit a sexual crime such as virtual rape? Can we differentiate between the avatar and the actual person behind the avatar? Can or should these two entities be separate or is the owner of the avatar responsible for the actions of its avatar?

2.Are sexual crimes in virtual environments real? Do they have real impact or cause psychological harm and/or stress to the operator of the victim avatar?

3.If the sexual assault is not performed on a real person, can it be considered a sexual assault or is it just a harmless fantasy?

4.Is it likely that the perpetrator of a virtual rape be led to conduct similar attacks in the real world or is it just harmless fun without wider ramifications?

Please provide reasons for your answers.

Second part: Please choose a role and write 20-30 words on each questions.

Slut Shaming” is, ‘The act of making, or attempting to make, a person, especially a woman or a girl, feel guilty or inferior for certain sexual behaviours, circumstances, or desires that deviate from traditional or orthodox gender expectations. (Thank you Wikipedia!)

Using the information learned from the ‘ForceFed – Celebrity Scandal and ‘Revenge Porn video clips, put yourself into the shoes of one of the roles/groups below and attempt to answer the following questions from your chosen perspective.

Role/Group 1: A Police Fraud and Cybercrime Unit.

Role/Group 2: Users on popular Internet forums or social media outlets.

Role/Group 3: A victim.

1.What is your role in the event?

2.Does it serve your group to suppress or intensify the culture of shaming?

3.What could be done by your group to prevent such behaviour occurring again?

4.Are there any past instances of your group failing to meet their responsibilities?