Do you have facts or statistics that can support your claim?

Think about the future 20 years from now (2030). Choose ONE specific area of your interest in technology, communications, economy, transport, government, immigration, finance, profession, medicine, etc. What do you think will happen in the area of your choice? Why do you think so? Do you have facts or statistics that can support your claim? Your audience is New York Times readers. They must understand the reason youre writing about this issue. Is it to persuade? To suggest actions? To evaluate and provide your own insights on the topic? To make public aware of the danger of a certain action or to show its negative consequences? While you write, support your claims with quotations from different reliable sources (use library databases, articles from journals, main newspapers, books). Remember to address your opposition if you argue for something. The purpose of this paper is to analyze an issue in depth and provide the audience with your insights, explanation, and support.

1. Focus on a cause/effect, fact, value, or policy claim.
2. Use purpose, audience, and form as your guides for research writing.
3. Evaluate your sources; be especially critical of Internet or Web sources.
4. Use various kinds of quotes: direct quotations, paraphrases, summaries, and block quotes.
5. Dont let the “tail wag the dog”; use sources to make your point (i.e., claim).
6. Focus on the organization, restatements of the purpose and main idea, and good transitions.
7. For this essay, a plan is necessary, so write from an outline.