diversity management 3

Chapter 11

1. Explain the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

2. Discuss some of the differences in education and income levels for those in the

LGTQ+ community.

3. How is the invisibility of sexual orientation similar to or different from the invisibility of


4. Some states and cities have legislation prohibiting discrimination based on sexual

orientation, weight, appearance, and other factors that are not covered under federal

legislation. What factors may affect the passage of such legislation in some areas

but no in others? Is sexual orientation discrimination prohibited in the city or state in

which you live?

Chapter 12

1. What do you think about the US’s Pledge of Allegiance saying “one-nation, under

God…” and “In God we trust” written on all US currency?

2. You have 8 employees that report to you. 5 of them are of the same faith and have

all asked for a day off of work to celebrate a religious observance. How should you

handle the request? Discuss responsible accommodations and undue hardships.

3. What do you think about a pharmacist not filling birth control of morning after pills

because of their faith?

4. How does religion affect those that identify as GLBTQ+?

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