Discuss the salient features from this case scenario

You are working with the Rosales family. They have been referred to your agency for food assistance. The family recently emigrated from Mexico after Mr. Rosales lost his job. At present they are living with Mrs. Rosaless cousins and Uncle in Phoenix. Mr. Rosales worked as an auto mechanic. His wife Salina is a homemaker but occasionally sold fruits and vegetables from a roadside stand. They have two children, Jose age 7 and Esmerelda age 10. Esmerelda speaks some English as does her father. Mrs. Rosales speaks no English and her 7-year-old son is beginning to learn English.

At present, Mr. and Mrs. Rosales are struggling to maintain basic needs for their family.

In a 1-2 page paper address the following:

Discuss the salient features from this case scenario

As the human service worker, what would be your first course of action?

Discuss strategies for communicating with this family in order to build trust and get them to engage

Identify a minimum of 3-4 concepts and definitions from your various human services courses and explain how these concepts are evident and relevant to this scenario. For example:

“In the Rosales scenario there are several examples of human service concepts and terms. One term that is relevant to this scenario is cultural assimilation. Cultural assimilation refers to process by which a person from a differing culture adapts and changes behaviors to meet the demands of the new culture (Jones 2016). The family will need to learn English and adapt to the US culture as part of their assimilation process.”

Use bold print or italics to highlight the key concept and te