Discuss the different theories on language acquisition.

Begin by reviewing Chapter 6 beginning on page 200.
Chapter 6 discusses memory, how the brain processes information,
and the process involved in forgetting information. In
addition, the chapter discusses how we as humans think,
reason, and solve problems and the role our brains play in
developing language.
Then, write your essay about one of the following topics:
1. Discuss the process of memory. In particular, discuss
the different types of memory and relate each one to a
personal experience.
2. Discuss the different theories on language acquisition.
As our country becomes more multicultural, how can
these theories aid our children and/or you in learning a
second and perhaps a third language?

information must only come from the book : psychology and your life.

“The only source you may use is your textbook. Any use
of outside information will result in an automatic post of 1