Discuss the difference between public, private and hybrid cloud computing.

What should be submitted
a)      A Word document (CIS568.W6B.???) containing the elements of the assignment outlined below.
b)      A PDF or Word document (CIS568.W6B.PC.???) containing the plagiarism check report.
Simply copy (not screen print) the entire plagiarism report to a word document and submit it. Completed plagiarism report must be turned in to receive credit for the assignment. If not available before the deadline, submit this document once it’s available. No penalty if the plagiarism check report is submitted late.

Remember to replace ??? with initials of your First, Middle, Last Names. For example, CIS568.W6B.SSS.

2. Objective
To review and understand basic usage of cloud services and mobile device easy access.

3. Assignment Requirement
Now that IT Business Services Consultants have developed a system plan for Mary’s MediBracelets, how might cloud services fit into the new sales site and what would you do to ensure easy access for mobile users?
Write a 3- to 5-page report, including the following:
·         Define utility and cloud computing services, and indicate where these services might replace or augment the initial system design
·         Consider hardware, software, and databases for your discussion, along with any requirements to support customer access via mobile devices
Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.
Organization / Development
Include introduction and conclusion. There is no need to include an abstract for short papers.
Ensure the paper, excluding cover page, reference page and the appendix is within 3-5 pages.

***  The instructor will not read and grade pages beyond the 5th page. ***
·         Direct quotes will be excluded during grading of contents. Ensure the content in direct quote is not the primary fact.
·         Direct quotes must be less than 10% of your paper. Assignments containing more than 10% direct quotes will not be graded and assigned 0 point.
·         Address the required components of the assignment in the order outlined in the grading rubric. Otherwise, I might miss them while grading.
·         Each paragraph should consist of three or more sentences

·         Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
o   Please review “APA Guidelines” provided in Instructor Announcements section.
·         Use effective headings to explicitly identify the major components as outlined in the grading rubric.
·         Use third person pronouns.  If you are not sure what this means, research it. Hint ! No I, we and you.
·         References: You should have at least two references.
·         Citation: There should be at least two citations due to the fact that you have two references!

4. Grading Rubric

The following is point allocation breakdown for the major components of the paper.

Content (80%) Points

Sales site and mobile access

General Cloud computing
What is cloud computing 0.6
Discuss various cloud computing services (IaaS,PasS,Saas) 1.5
Discuss the difference between public, private, and hybrid cloud computing 0.9
Cloud Computing – Mary’s MediBracelets
Discuss best suited cloud computing service (Iaas,Paas,Saas) 0.6
Discuss selected cloud computing service (service type, vendor, cost) 0.6
How it can replace or augment the desired system 0.6

In-house operation
Discuss online ordering software (vendor, cost) 1
Discuss database (vendor, cost) 1

Mobile device access
Discuss easy mobile device access to the sales site 0.6
Discuss technology/software/capability or effort is needed to support mobile device interface 0.6
Organization / Development (10%) 1
Paper is strictly 3 to 5 pages (excluding Title, Reference & Appendix page)
The introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points.
Paragraphs/content follow the provided order.  Each paragraph is focused, coherent, and relevant and has at least 3 sentences.
The conclusion is logical, flows from the body of the paper, and reviews the major points.

Mechanics (10%) 1
The paper follows APA guidelines for format.
At least three references provided. APA guidelines followed.
Citations follow APA guidelines. References cited.
The paper is laid out with effective use of headings, font styles, and white space.
Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed.
Sentences are complete, clear, concise, and varied.
Spelling is correct.

5. Recommendations/Tips

The initial system design was to implement an online order system. The week 2 assignment already discussed the hardware and operating system to be used if the system was operated in house.

For this assignment, two options will be explored. The first option is to utilize external cloud computing services and the second option is to utilize internal system (the entire system will be installed and managed in-house).

Cloud computing – General
What makes cloud computing possible?

Discuss various (non-private) cloud computing services Mary could use (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)?
Discuss at very high level each of these services.

Discuss the difference between public, private and hybrid cloud computing.

Cloud Computing – Mary’s MediBracelets
Discuss best suited cloud computing service (Iaas,Paas,Saas) for Mary’s business. Need to justify the selection.

Discuss selected cloud computing service (service type, vendor, cost) for Mary’s business.

There are many vendors providing this services. Pick one that is reasonable with the budget (about $36 K per year) and provide the capabilities Mary’s business need.

Discuss how it can replace or augment the desired system.

In-house operation
What software (vendor, cost) and database (vendor, cost) is needed to go along with the hardware & Operating System from Week 2 assignment?

Hint: In house operation implies everything is housed and operated from within the business premise.

Mobile device access
What is meant by easy mobile device access to the sales site?
When discussing this section, the focus should be about customer experience after the mobile device gets connected to the online sales website.

Do not discuss Mobile app as Mary will not be creating mobile app.
·         Assume the client has the appropriate mobile devices and internet connection. Due to this, do not focus your discussion on this!
·         What specific technology/software/capability or effort is needed to support easy mobile device access to the online shopping webserver?
·         Interaction of the mobile device via any web browser with the webserver is necessary. Due to this, the web application should provide the easy mobile accessibility.

Other items to keep in mind
When dealing with cost, keep in mind Mary’s business is small, in terms of customer base and capital.

Resources: Search the Internet using the phrases “online shopping cart” and “responsive web design”  for in-house software and mobile device access information.
Do not discuss hardware or multipurpose software that is not relevant to online ordering system.